Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Software Developers Are Like Cats

Software developers are like cats.

  • The like to sit on high perches and look down at you.
  • They'll all gather together, in a hurry, when you have food.
  • Corollary: when you have food, they love you. When you don't, you're just a nuisance to them.
  • They like to play with something until the thing breaks, and then move on to find something new to play with and leave the thing they broke for someone else to clean up.
  • They'll "wrestle" with each other for hours, spending lots of energy but not getting anything accomplished. 
  • They like to think they're in charge. Of everything. And, you're just a necessary annoyance. Until you have food.
  • They love to jump into containers before looking. 

Some software developers are like cats, anyway. But of course I'm not talking about you. Must be talking about somebody else.