Saturday, July 26, 2014


Since the launch of the album I've been keeping track of all metrics, statistics, and information as to the efficacy of various advertising.

Here are some interesting statistics from the date range April 1 through July 26, 2014 regarding visits, downloads, and sales from my Bandcamp page as a result of some ad campaigns I've been running.

Visitors (non-unique) who listened to music: 42.5%

Customers per all visits (non-unique visitors): 1.09%

Customers per unique visitors: 2.79%

Customers who also paid for music: 16.75%
(Customers who did not pay for the download: 83.25%)

Increase in the quantity of downloads of NMFOB when price was set to "pay what you want": 25.8%

Sales that were for a "Bundle" rather than a single CD: 33%

A "customer" is defined as someone who either downloads or purchases music from the page. The music can be any one of the releases on offer; as long as the person arrived at my page via one of the ads live at the time, they count.

"NMFOB" is "New Metal From Old Boxes", my most recent album that is available in both digital and physical format.

The goal of my advertising campaigns has been to reach the "right" audience -- music lovers of the progressive rock, heavy rock, instrumental rock and rock/fusion genres.   Some of my music is available for "pay what you want" and starting at $0.  Some of my music is on sale for a fair price, and all of my back catalog is available for free download & "Pay what you want".

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