Friday, January 03, 2014

The New Music Project: A "Calling Card"

So. My new music project is a bit, shall we say, loud.

My previous projects skirted close to the worlds of heavy sounds, incorporating elements of prog-rock, fusion, and even a hint of 90s-era prog-metal, but were always tempered by the ambient-groove genre. I'm happy with those eclectic, hybrid projects - that's where I was at the time and that was how I was feeling back then. 

Yeah. Now, not so much. The latest stuff is loud. Intense. Angry. 

The very first album I put together in 1986 (with my bandmates at the time) was loud, progressive-rock that was tempered by heavy doses of 80s-era metal, Rush-like arrangements, and Ultravox-synthesizers. Another heavy, proggy project like that has been on my mind for decades. Now, it feels like it's time.

"So, JRub, you getting back to that teenage-rage thing?"  No. That's an uncontrolled bonfire of heat, empty bottles and burnt potatoes.  I don't care for that nonsense. This is older, wiser, and focused like a laser. A really pissed-off laser. With a drum kit. A laser with a drum kit.  Alright, then. Now we can get somewhere.

This is a demo - a "beta test", if you will - of a couple of ideas. It won't make the final album in this state. It's a "calling card" of what's to come.

The title contains a little nod to Michael Moorcock. I imagined a horde, tearing across the Sighing Desert out of the pages of an Elric story... and so...

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