Friday, March 19, 2010

Discover Information

You might have noticed that if you scroll down on this blog, a bar appears at the top. Go ahead, scroll down a bit now, I'll wait.

Cool, isn't it? It's means that I have Apture 2.0-beta installed on the blog. This is a way to discover more information. Gain more knowledge! It's also a way to share that information and knowledge with the world.

For example....
Now try this: highlight this word: Iran. (You can highlight a word by double-clicking on it, or by dragging the mouse over it). See that little thought-bubble that says "Search"?  Click it. (or hit Control-C)

Now you have a bunch of relevant links to information up to your right. Click on one, and a small box with that information appears. Now click on a few. Now you have a few windows of relevant information for the term (or phrase) in the page about which you wanted more knowledge and.or were curious about.

Information, knowledge, context, discovery
This is cool. So when I write all sorts of technobabble like "I'm skeptical about the value of designing systems in python using only object inheritance without also considering object composition", readers unfamiliar with the esoteric nomenclature of object-oriented programming can use Apture to quickly and easily learn more about wtf I'm talking about, and gain a greater context in which to understand the discussion.

You are not entitled to your opinion; you are entitled to your informed opinion. If you are not informed on the subject, then your opinion counts for nothing.
~ Harlan Ellison

I want it everywhere.
I've been using Apture 2.0 beta for a few days now, and I'm addicted to it. I want it on every page I visit, especially on those where I frequently find a term or subject with which I am unfamiliar.

So enjoy! And please let me know what you think.

Update: More information at our Apture blog.


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