Friday, March 05, 2010

Closing one door, opening another one

Today is my last day at Slide. After two-plus years of being a Slider, I resigned a couple of weeks ago to join the gang at Apture. While I'm sad to leave Slide, I'm excited to join Apture.

I'll be moving from a company of over 100 people to a company of around 10 people.

When I started at Slide, we were somewhere between 50-70 people, and each team within the company felt like a mini-startup. I worked wild hours and loved it, and had a lot of fun working with the brilliant people by whom I was surrounded. Literally surrounded: our office at the time was essentially one big room, and we were packed in like obsessive-compulsive python-chewing sardines. At one point I shared a cheap Ikea desk with a QA engineer's pet fish.

Slide is a bigger company now and, while still maintaining some of the "scappy little startup" atmosphere, has grown into the "now we're a real company" phase. And while I loved going to work every day, I began to yearn for the 5-10 person sized company.

I had no intention of leaving Slide so soon, and I won't be ready to start a company of my own again until I've slept for a month straight and taken a vacation in some sunny, gin-and-tonic laden locale. But after several serendipitous conversations with Tristan, Can, and Steven, I felt that we could "make good jazz" together (I'll explain what that means in a later post).

Slide was, and is, a great place to work. When the opportunity to work at Slide came to me in an email from Max, I drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco the next day. Within a week of signing the offer, I had packed almost everything from the home-office rental in Topanga (from where Paul and I launched several products including our reasonably successful Facebook app) to SoMa. I'll miss the place and the people at Slide.

I'm very excited to work with the team at Apture on an extremely cool-and-useful product, and once again with some very smart people. You can see some of our product in this blog-post, but I'm sure that the best is yet to come.

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