Thursday, December 27, 2007

Out with the third, in with the fourth

We seen the last of Good King Richard
Ring out the past his name lives on
Roll out the bones and raise up your pitcher
Raise up your glass to Good King John*
So, the old company is now dead, and the new company is moving along nicely. And more quickly than its predecessor. You can find us now at

And now that is 4 failures behind me: two absolute wrecks, and two relative failures that could be counted as successes in someone else's book (just not mine). Great. Ok, learned a lot. Next!!

Why'd we kill the old project? The site-whom-what-we-must-not-name? It wasn't scalable, and it wasn't something that lent well to a strategy that included the social networks. And, there were people issues. Enough said.

So, stay tuned.. I'll keep you updated!

* Steely Dan, Kings, Can't Buy a Thrill

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