Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

What a year. Lots of change, learning, and it's all good.

In 2007, I:
  • Lost my job,
  • Ended my music publishing company,
  • Started a new web startup, built an entire web-application twice.
  • Stopped all work on the IBM iSeries & abandoned that company/career choice,
  • Re-skilled myself almost completely by learning python, actionscript3 & Flex, javascript, linux, django, and translated my DB2 skills to mySQL,
  • Created two facebook apps with Paul,
  • Ended the new web startup,
  • Started a new new web startup,
  • Met some amazing entrepreneurs and coders in LA and SF,
  • Did more all-nighters than in the previous 10 years combined
  • Had a great time.

Now, what about 2008. Hm. I hope it's as good as 2007 was - even better, building upon the foundations set this year.

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