Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Just Three Words stuff

Between November 1 and now, we've been re-building Just Three Words into a really deep, functional application for Facebook.

(It is a collaborative writing application as a game - you can only enter 1 to 3 words at a time until someone else posts their words).

And it's really cool. And fun! Paul's design really works well and is simple to use.

We're constantly improving the design, and changing the features based on user's input. One of the values we maintain is that we're in an ongoing conversation with our users. A "partnership" (not in the business sense of the word, of course).

They provide content, and we provide the means for them to create and develop their content. Most of the time, we take our best guess as to what will make the best experience for the users, changing or tweaking based on their input and on the metrics we collect & analyze. Other times, we create functions that are straight from user experience and the inevitable "You know what would be cool?" email from a user.

(We use both Google Analytics and our own metrics-collection, and spend a lot of time poring over the data)

One of the things that helps us, I think, is that we love our users. We're convinced we attract the best people on Facebook, and some of the most creative. We hit the jackpot, got lucky, whatever you want to call it - and I'm not sure who's more enthused: the writers for our application or us for our writers.

If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out.



  1. I see You've localized your ads in facebook. I beg You to try to translate those ads some other way, because those automated translations makes absolutely no sense at all. If You can't make it, just put it in english, so people can undestand what You're trying to say ;)

  2. You know what's funny is that the autotranslated ad has a better CTR than does the ad written in English.

  3. Oh, that's interesting... Any publicity is good publicity, I guess x)

    Have a very good year :)

  4. Out of curiosity, what metrics do you collect?

  5. As many as we can - install sources, click sources, ad CTR, ad UAR, viral factor, all viral channel CTR and UAR, new users, return users, time on site, # pages/visit, visit frequency, etc. Thats off of the top of my head, but there are more not including any we track in a A/B test. This would make a good post, actually...