Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Facebook Application - Just Three Words

Paul and I released a fun Facebook application last week called "Just Three Words".

It's a tell-a-story mashup where you and all of your friends (and we do mean all!) put together a story three words at a time. Remember that childhood game where you pass the paper around and everyone adds three words? Same thing - but in this case we take advantage of the simultaneity of users' access to a web-app: nobody has to wait for their turn and the story build rather quickly.

If you have friends like mine who either a) are witty & clever, b) have wildly dirty minds, or c) both, you get some very, uh, interesting stories!

We'll be making small enhancements over the next few weeks to make the user experience more fun and engaging. Come on by and start a story or read existing stories, or better yet add your three words to a three word story.

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