Saturday, August 18, 2007

Six Months !

Hey, my company's six-month anniversary came and went and I forgot to blog it. We started this journey on Feb 14th of this year. We're not as far along as I'd like, but given that I started this adventure with a seriously rusted set of technical skills, well.. maybe I'll learn to give myself some slack.

My original plan was to have a Flex prototype up and working by May 15th. That target date flew by and I had it ready by about June 20th.

Our next milestone is to have an alpha launch by Aug 31st. After that, we shall have weekly miletones and we'll "iterate, iterate, iterate"!

Most days I feel like I can't work fast enough, and that this is taking way too long to get into alpha. However, looking back...

On Feb 1, my tech skills were limited to the RPG procedural language, DB2 (and SQL), midrange architecture, HTML, and some hacking experience with linux, assembly, C and java. from 1994-1996. But I was pretty seriously rusty in anything outside of RPG procedural programing and relational database design and implementation using DB2, SQL, and DDS.

Since then, I've learned Flex and Actionscript3, javascript, python, django, more modern HTML and CSS practices, apache server administration, object-oriented techniques, MVC framework, some RoR (not much, but enough to hack through it if I had to) and coding for the Facebook platform. I'm no expert or guru obviously - but enough of a generalist to competently build, and to keep learning.

I did it by doing - building some mp3 players, building our prototype in AS3, building a Facebook app in django and FBML, and so on.

In other words, I hacked. And made countless mistakes.. boy, my original AS3 code is ugly! Wow. Unsightly. But with help, and advice from more experienced coders (thank you all !), I've re-written most of it using the Cairngorm microframework for AS3 and the django framework & javascript for XHTML.

I'm taking this moment to pat myself on the back. Because compared to damn near everyone else I've met in tech circles, I've felt like an idiot!, but looking at the last 6 months' work as I've written it here.. I gotta say: not bad. I still want to work faster, and more efficiently.. but that will come.


  1. That is most impressive actually! You are an inspiration Jason.


  2. Thanks! It's now been a year, and no more Flex project. But our FB app is doing great, and we're building a website around it.

    Thanks much for the compliment, Tariq !

  3. Hi Jason, I just moved to orange county. Do you go to the LAFlex meetings? my email is my username at gmail dot com.