Monday, August 06, 2007

Self-Expression Advertising

What is Self-Expression Advertising?

It's a form of advertising by means of self-expression, of course!

"I like this/I am this" is the key concept here* - and it's not a new concept. If I identify with a certain product strongly enough for whatever reason - aesthetics, prestige, etc. - I'll be more than happy to wear their t-shirt, or jacket, or whatever with the big 'license plate' logo. Manufacturers and rocks bands have known about and marketed this way for decades (see the designer products markets), and now web advertising is finally catching up.

Allowing people to choose their ads, giving them incentive and making it easy & fun to do so and making the process a vehicle for self-expression, is a great way to advertise on the web.

Advertising then becomes a form of self-expression and a conversation between the viewer, the content provider, and the vendor - the relationship here is probably complex, and I'm toast at the moment after having been coding all day, but I'm right. Don't argue, we're good to go on this one.

This, my friends, is gonna be huge.

* from "The Substance of Style", V. Postrel

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