Monday, April 23, 2007

new mp3 player

I needed a break from my project, and so finally took some time to create a prototype of the easy-to-use, simple mp3 player I'd been thinking about. It's over there, to the right.. black.. says "MP3" in nice, clean, mid-century-modern lettering.

The background will (should!) change every time the widget is loaded, choosing randomly from one of four background images.

The next step is to display the CD cover art when the song is loaded and to include the little VU meters that respond to the audio. I'm not so sure people care about seeing the CD cover art, unless it's also the image for a link to a store from which the music can be purchased. What do you think? Is the CD cover art important to you?

I do think the volume buttons need to be instead a volume slider, and some sort of visible VU meters needed so as to give a visual clue as to volume levels.

But you look at this, and think "Yep, it's an mp3 player".

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