Sunday, March 25, 2007

work work work work work

This weekend, this very weekend in which we are right now, is the first weekend in over five weeks that I'm not working.

Just over five weeks ago, I started a new company.

This was just after the two-and-a-half weeks that I spent learning some new programming skills and a new development platform that isn't based on an IBM midrange system.

So I haven't taken any time off in over a month, until now.

(pause for dramatic effect here).

I have no idea what to do with myself.

It's a strange feeling! I love working for myself - this is my third company in sixteen years - and when I work, buddy lemme tell ya I work. So for a over a month I've been doing 12 to 18 hour days, an all-nighter or two for good measure and still feel that I can't seem to work quickly or efficiently enough. And I jump out of bed every morning eager an excited to get going. Drink coffee, get to work. That simple, and exactly how it should be. So now, when I give myself "nothing" to do, I have no idea what to do. As in: have a life. What? How?

So yesterday and today have been "have a life" days. "Smell the flowers" days. It's important, I know, but still... it feels strange. Anyway, I had no intention of sitting in front of my computer, but here I am, and for the first time in eons adding to this blog. [ed note: this is crossposted from my other, older blog] Not exactly "having a life", but in a few I'm up and out and going somewhere interesting. Or at least somewhere with beer in clean glasses. Maybe I'll take my camera - the one that uses real film - and go shoot things.

I can't bring myself to blog about politics. I'm still burned out on blogging about politics, though I'll still talk about it off-blog. It's all a mess - what more is there to say?

So, today, a rare day off. Then tomorrow, back at the desk working to my heart's content.


  1. Good post. I like the new photo gadget, btw. Did you feel obliged to jump from FLICKR?

  2. Nah, never used flickr. I had a different slideshow from Slide up here for a while, just changed it out when I noticed my cel was still loaded with pics from 2006 travel!