Thursday, February 01, 2007

sound design bragging and "LOST"

I won't post much about music and sound-design here because I'm spending most of my energy these days in the software engineering world.

But I'll brag a little bit.

Back in 2000, I and a co-producer created and assembled a library of audio effects for television use called "Orchestrated Chaos". Included in the library is a sound called "Howl1" that eventually was used in the howling, clanking sound-effect of the "smoke monster" from ABC's show "LOST".

And so, without further ado, here's the howl component of that smoke monster: Howl1

You can download it and use it for personal, private use only. Please don't distribute it, don't sell it, don't do something to it you wouldn't want done to your own work-product. It's copyright protected and etc etc etc.

If you do like it and want more information, click here to contact The Winogradsky Company, who handle my entire library of music and sound.

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