Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Ah, the first post on a blank blog. So clean, so pristine...

Well, not anymore.

So, I'm back on my own, starting up my third company in 20 years. It's been a wild few months leaving my previous employer, and I'm glad it's over and done and I can now concentrate on this new venture!

(The first two companies were an IBM iSeries consulting company, and a music licensing company. I closed the consulting operation in 2002, and the music licensing company still exists and is still raking in the nickels).

So far, I've spent a little bit of money, but have "re-capitalized" my existing assets. My old laptop is now my development server and backup system. My new laptop is my development machine. My existing office will do for now, with a new printer as the old one died in a fit of grinding noises and ill-smelling smoke. Web-based project software and whatever else I can use that's clean, fast, and low-to-no-cost is the way to go.

The key here is "slow-burn" of the cash resources. Aside from a new laptop, which I needed anyway, the most expensive bit has been a set of new technical manuals and guides.

So far, so good. I'll post here as things progress and I have time.

And so, dear reader(s).. all 3 of you.... watch this space.

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