Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I spent my December vacation in study: read a bunch of manuals, brushed up on my javascript, my python, played with RoR for a day or two, coded a bunch of little things in javascript learning the DOM. It'd been a while since I'd used javascript.. a long, long while.

(And helped out a friend who needed music for his pilot. No joke.. three hours to compose and record the titles-music for his project. Yikes.) *

Now, I'm in the middle of some excellent, and fun, training in Adobe Flex. Great stuff!

I'm enjoying learning these new tools. Not only do I believe that it is important to keep the mind sharp by learning new concepts, new techniques, and new languages but it keeps me going.. this stuff is fun.

In the end, of course, they're all just tools. Some more enjoyable to use than others, but useful only for creating solutions to problems. For the holy-grail-description of the problems inherent in software engineering, read the famous No Silver Bullet essay by Frederick Brooks, Jr.


Ah, the first post on a blank blog. So clean, so pristine...

Well, not anymore.

So, I'm back on my own, starting up my third company in 20 years. It's been a wild few months leaving my previous employer, and I'm glad it's over and done and I can now concentrate on this new venture!

(The first two companies were an IBM iSeries consulting company, and a music licensing company. I closed the consulting operation in 2002, and the music licensing company still exists and is still raking in the nickels).

So far, I've spent a little bit of money, but have "re-capitalized" my existing assets. My old laptop is now my development server and backup system. My new laptop is my development machine. My existing office will do for now, with a new printer as the old one died in a fit of grinding noises and ill-smelling smoke. Web-based project software and whatever else I can use that's clean, fast, and low-to-no-cost is the way to go.

The key here is "slow-burn" of the cash resources. Aside from a new laptop, which I needed anyway, the most expensive bit has been a set of new technical manuals and guides.

So far, so good. I'll post here as things progress and I have time.

And so, dear reader(s).. all 3 of you.... watch this space.